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For many years I’ve come up with numerous excuses to why I could not find the time to exercise. I even tried some methods on my own, but nothing seemed to work. Last year, I received a call from my doctor stating that I was borderline of having diabetes and my cholesterol was high. I was scared being a single mom and not knowing what I would do if I was to be diagnosed with diabetes. My doctor’s only request was to lose a few pounds and eat right. I will admit after the call I thought I could complete such a task on my own and that didn’t even work. My excuse for not going to workout was that I had no time and I could do it at home. That did not work at all. Everything changed once I joined Fit University Star. Natalie not only helped me transform into a better person physically, but also emotionally. I was able to learn more about myself just by the increased knowledge she provided as we worked out various areas of my body. I have lost a total of 24 lbs in the past few months having Natalie as my trainer. I’m more cautious of the types of food I eat and I’m actually enjoying eating healthier. I feel better both physically and mentally about myself. The best part about Fit University Star is that it’s not only a place to work out, but we do it together as a family. Also, the workout sessions are available at a great time that I am able to still get my kids settled at home and workout.  -Michelle Safo-Agyeman

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I began taking classes with Natalie two years ago and instantly fell in love with her warm, welcoming energy and ability to push me out of my comfort zone. Throughout my final years of college and graduate school, Natalie has supported me and believed that no matter the obstacle, I can conquer anything. Her classes are creative, intense, and challenging, and deliver results that have helped me to achieve a personal best in a half marathon and an overall boost in fitness level and confidence. Natalie is a truly inspiring and motivating instructor who drives each individual to regard themself as the best of the best and work a little bit harder every time. By making time to connect with each person who steps into her class and reach out to them when they are struggling or even need an additional challenge, Natalie makes every class seem like a personal training session. I am so glad thankful to have found a trainer and friend in Natalie and know that I will continue to advance in my fitness goals at FitU. -Carly Bernheimer

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It’s tough to put into words just how inspiring Natalie is as a trainer. Each class is a unique opportunity to test your body and push it to its physical and mental limitations. Natalie crafts all of her workouts with the people she’s training in mind and that kind of dedication and thoughtfulness shows. I only started training with Natalie recently but can confidently say I’ve never had a better workout experience in my life. The routines are challenging, unique, and geared towards inspiring confidence and self improvement. There is no feeling quite like the feeling of accomplishment you get after a Natalie class. She is the best, and I hope to train with her exclusively as she continues to inspire!

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I accidentally stumbled into one of Natalie’s workout classes two years ago, and not to be dramatic, but it changed my life. I played division one lacrosse for four years in college, and Natalie’s classes trump those workouts every day of the week.  Each time I walk through her door, she pushes me to work harder than I think I’m capable of, and for the first time in my life I care about getting stronger, not skinnier. Natalie is talented enough to be training celebrities out in Hollywood; honestly I have no idea what she’s doing in West Hartford, but I’m so glad she’s here. Working out with her for the past two years has made me tougher, both physically and mentally, and I feel like I am also a better medical student because of her.  After working out with Natalie, I feel invincible—not just in the gym, but in all aspects of my life. -Abigail Doelger