Welcome to Fit University Star

This is high-intensity interval group training for every fitness level. Each class combines weight training with unique plyometric movements, to melt away fat and build lean muscle. FitU is for the beginner wanting to start their fitness journey and even the advanced athlete. Each class is designed by Bandana Chick to motivate you to achieve maximum results. At FitU, you are accomplishing your goals; graduating from one level to the next. We train the whole person - the physical and the mental. It's about making you stronger from the inside out. Becoming your best self.

Meet Bandana Chick

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Natalie, known to most as Bandana Chick, is the owner of Fit University Star, LLC. Bandana Chick started her fitness journey seven years ago and she is living proof that it doesn’t matter when you start any journey, Just Start! Bandana Chick found her love and passion for fitness in her adult life enrolling in group classes, personal training, boot camps and boxing classes at various gyms. After her experience in these gyms, it inspired her to launch her own unique program that shows the individual the journey begins within. Bandana Chicks’ love for fitness motivated her to get her certification. That love and passion has lead her to train and motivate others on their fitness journey. Bandana Chick is not just training and changing their physical bodies, she’s helping each person to see the journey is for life and it truly starts from the inside out. At Fit University Star she uses high intensity training methods with functional training to increase strength and endurance, flexibility and muscle definition. She motivates like no other and helps her clients to see their best selves now and that they are..... “The Best of the Best!"